Lift Web Framework

Normally, Lift will look for a "view" that satifying an HTTP request. A view is an XHTML page or segment of a page with special <lift:xxx> processing instructions in it (e.g., an instruction to embed a controller, an instruction to surround the XHTML with another template, etc.) However, in certain cases, for example, when you want to satisfy a Web Services (REST) request, you can use Scala's pattern matching to intercept a request and service it.

It's easy to "serve" incoming HTTP requests. Using Lift's RestHelper class. For example, you can serve "/webservices/all_users" as a JSON request as:

serve {
case "webservices" :: "all_users" :: _ JsonGet _ =>

And we can serve the same request if it's an XML request:

serve {
case "webservices" :: "all_users" :: _ XmlGet _ =>

If you have a request (in the case of this example, servicing both a POST and a GET for /webservices/add_user), then service the request and include a function to convert the response into either JSON or XML:

serveJx {
case Req("webservices" :: "add_user" :: _, _, rt) if rt.post_? || rt.get_? =>
} { // How do we convert a UserInfo to either XML or JSON?
case (JsonSelect, u, _) => u.toJson
case (XmlSelect, u, _) => u.toXml

And the addUser() method looks like:

  def addUser(): Box[UserInfo] =
for {
firstname <- S.param("firstname") ?~ "firstname parameter missing" ~> 400
lastname <- S.param("lastname") ?~ "lastname parameter missing"
email <- S.param("email") ?~ "email parameter missing"
} yield {
val u = User.create.firstName(firstname).

S.param("password") foreach u.password.set


Note that if the firstname parameter is missing, a 400 response with the message "firstname parameter missing" message in the body will be returned. If the lastname parameter is missing, a 404 will be returned with "lastname parameter missing" message in the body.

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